What to Expect

A Place to Worship

At King of Glory you will find the highest quality in worship services. Two of our services are traditional with excellent liturgy driven by a wonderful pipe organ and organist and a committed and passionate choir. We also offer the only jazz service in Dallas with a liturgy commissioned expressly for King of Glory. These professional musicians play at their highest and most committed level in praise of a Jesus unconfined by temples, walls, and convention.

A Place to Hear God's Word

Sermons are aimed to inspire, encourage and empower us to live our lives as disciples of Jesus in a complex and challenging world. We will learn how to integrate our faith into our work place, our relationships and families. And, speaking of family, at King of Glory we are dedicated to defining that term inclusively, not conventionally. We embrace blended, single parent, same gender parents and racially diverse families.

A Place to Grow

Examine our website and you will find innumerable opportunities for you to act out your faith. If you wish to share your resources and put them into action in God’s world, King of Glory will make sure that happens. If you wish to study the scriptures, be in a small group, or, simply find a safe and quiet place to worship, King of Glory will provide you with that opportunity.