King of Glory Foundation Grants

The King of Glory Foundation has provided grants to fund projects such as these:

ELCA Sierra Leone
The Foundation made its first grant in the spring of 2010, supporting a Community Development Fund for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sierra Leone (ELCSL).
Mt. Olive Food Pantry
The Mount Olive Food Pantry purchased refrigeration equipment with a grant from the Foundation enabling them to provide more fresh foods for their clients.
A portion of the initial funding for the Impact Dallas community-wide day of service was provided by the Foundation.
Reformation 500 Festival
As part of the Debbie Jacobs Life Enrichment series, the Foundation helped bring a replica Gutenberg printing press and other Biblical artifacts to the Reformation Festival celebrating 500 years since Martin Luther.
HEROES (Helping Everyone Reach Outstanding Educational Success) used a grant from the Foundation to help with their mission to create social, recreational and vocational programs designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities.
Stephen Ministries
A grant from the Foundation was used to train the team of Stephen Ministers in providing one-to-one, Christ centered care.

If you would like to apply for a grant from the King of Glory Foundation, please fill out this form and submit it using the provided instructions. 

Grant Application Form