2019 Annual Pledge

There are many great things happening with our ministries and we hope you find yourself enthusiastic about your stake in King of Glory.  There is much about which to be excited.  Adult education opportunities are increasing and the youth programming is growing — in fact, half of King of Glory’s spending plan is directed toward discipleship formation, demonstrating our commitment to our Mission Statement:  To be and to make followers of Christ who boldly share the grace of God with the world. 

The KOG music ministry is expanding with more offerings for our youth.  Outreach to the greater Dallas community has always been a priority, as exemplified in our commitment to serving in South Dallas, organizing Impact Dallas Sunday, resettling refugees, partnering with area disabilities ministries and new efforts are developing closer to home in our immediate Richardson neighborhoods.  King of Glory is a compelling ministry!

However, pledging is a deeply spiritual matter independent of how compelling our efforts become.  Before you invest here, it is important to first consider how you are invested in your own faith:  How have you seen God at work throughout your whole life?  How have you been supported by someone else’s investment in his or her faith?  What is God calling you to do with all God has entrusted to you?  How do you understand God’s claim on your life and where you have been positioned to serve?

Once we are clear about our answers to those questions, we can then consider pledging, because those answers ought to lead us to profound gratitude for the ways God has been at work in our lives.  Our hope is that your financial support for our ministries is born out of gratitude rather than obligation, thanksgiving rather than convincing arguments, joy rather than duty.

This year’s theme, KOGGives, seeks to emphasize our joyful giving as individual stakeholders, and our joyful giving as a unified collection of stakeholders in a common mission.  We are able to accomplish more together in mission than we ever could as individuals.  

Just as individual streams come together to form mighty rivers, so too our individual giving comes together to form a mighty body organized around the Cross and sent out to give and share all that we have for the sake of God completing the mission begun in Christ.

These pledged amounts help the council shape our ministry spending plan which all stakeholders approve at the February 2019 Annual Meeting.

Please be open to the Spirit’s guidance as you consider your stake in all that King of Glory gives as ministry to this part of the world, in which we are located, that God so abundantly loves.

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Annual Pledge 2019



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