Sunday Opportunities


January 6 through May 19.

Prayer Waze: A Road Map for the Journey

How do we find closer connection with the Divine? Where do we see God - in our actions, in our dreams, in our relationships?  In what ways do we lift our prayers to God, and how do we embrace the silence? This semester we’ll explore prayer and the many ways we can experience conversation with God. Join us to discuss real-world skills and practices to strengthen our prayer life, in the hope that we may “begin to connect to the one God, the one Spirit that flows in, through, and between us all.” (Wolpert)

The teaching team includes Beth Taylor, Carolyn Knudsen, Allie Becker and Kerri Macy.


Was He Really God?
The Gospel According to Luke

Lots of people have claimed to be a god.  Only one really was God.  Luke's Gospel was written to convince a very skeptical world that the divine had come to earth. How did Luke do that?  Did he do it?  Join the discussion about Luke's improbable and fanciful claims.

Teaching team includes David & Greta Cowart, Kathy Bean, David Miller, Wesley Johnson, David & Becky Pederson, Dan Reckmeyer, Susan Scott and Liesl Smith.

For more information, please contact Kerri Macy .