Sunday Opportunities

We exercise our bodies. We exercise our minds. We even exercise our talents. What about our faith? King of Glory’s theme for the new education year is Cross Fit KOG. Whether you exercise your faith regularly, have been sitting on the couch, or somewhere in between, it is time to take our spiritual fitness to the next level.

Join one of our Sunday morning classes, connect with a small group or find a place to serve. Commit to expanding your spiritual routine this year.



August 25 through October 6 (7-Week Class)

Parables:  The Inner Heart-beat of Christ’s Ministry

What would it have been like to be in Jesus’ presence—to hear him speak, to see him in action?  Have we got a class for you!  Here is Jesus spinning tales and stories that will make your head spin and your heart too (best of all).  Come discover the parables and miracles, Christ’s “home movies” of heaven.  Seven-week class taught by Steve Lund

August 25 through December 15.

Get a Life:  The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John calls us to “slow down, to pay attention, and to get a life:  abundant life, embodied life, eternal life, precious life.”   Come study the book of John and learn “how we get life, lose it, how we find it again - or better yet, how we get found by it.”  We will explore and discuss this “touchy-feely” Jesus who points us to a life-giving relationship with God. Our class discussions will be guided by Reading John for Dear Life by Jaime Clark-Soles.  Our teaching team includes Judy Berg, Laura Huddleston, Carolyn Knudsen, Tina Lombardi, Kerri Macy and Beth Taylor.

August 25 through December 15.

Making It Real:  God + Promises + Us

God’s promises:  encompassing, difficult and absolutely vital.  Does He keep them?  It matters.  How do we know?  He shows us.  Joshua tells us about taking over God’s Promised Land.  Isaiah promises deliverance and the future Messiah.  Join the Teaching Team this fall to explore God’s promises and how He fulfills them through a combined study of Joshua and Isaiah.  Teaching team includes David & Greta Cowart, Kathy Bean, Paul Jentz, Wesley Johnson,David Miller, David & Becky Pederson, Susan Scott, and Liesl Smith. 

For more information, please contact Kerri Macy .