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Serving in Our Church

Make a difference in the life of others by joining us each week in shaping the message of Christ.

On Sundays during our program year, there are over 150 volunteers utilized to host two regular worship services, provide Sunday school instruction for all ages, offer our evening worship opportunity for families with disabilities, and convene regular youth group gatherings and confirmation classes.  Think about all the people you see (and the ones you may not notice) serving here on Sundays:  greeters, ushers, bread makers, communion assistants, choir members, bell ringers, Sunday school teachers and their shepherd guides, confirmation mentors, food providers, atrium table hosts, and on and on.  As disciples being formed by the Gospel, we have the privilege to volunteer to help form others in the Gospel. 

Worship Opportunities
Altar Guild
Communion Assistant

I want to serve as part of Worship.


Children and Youth Ministries Opportunities
Preschool Team Teacher
Elementary Team Teacher
Elementary Shepherd
Volunteer with Youth
Sr High Sunday School Teacher

I want to serve with Children and Youth Ministries.


Care Ministry Opportunities
Care Meals
Care Transportation
Care and Concern Contact
Care Visitation
Volunteer with Home Communion

I want to serve with the Care Ministry


Other Volunteer Opportunities
Audit Committee
Hospitality Committee
Kitchen Committee
Office Help

I want to serve where I am needed.