Sunday Opportunities


We exercise our bodies. We exercise our minds. We even exercise our talents. What about our faith? King of Glory’s theme for the new education year is Cross Fit KOG. Whether you exercise your faith regularly, have been sitting on the couch, or somewhere in between, it is time to take our spiritual fitness to the next level.

Join one of our Sunday morning classes, connect with a small group or find a place to serve. Commit to expanding your spiritual routine this year.



The Secret World of Paul’s Gospel
six-week study, Sept 13-Oct 18

When we start a study about Christ, we can ask everyone to open their Bibles to Matthew 5 and begin reading from the Sermon on the Mount.  But St. Paul was preaching and writing about the good news of Christ ten or twenty years or more before the existence of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Let me just let that sink in for a moment.  And the only scripture he had to reference was the Jewish Bible (Old Testament). 

But preach the gospel he did over and over on his travels and in his letters—showing how Christ was the Messiah and the fulfillment of everything written in the Old Testament.  We will look at the essence of the gospel that Paul presents in several of his letters.   And since to know Paul’s message is to know where he went, we will briefly reacquaint ourselves with his missionary travels in Asia and Europe so that we know who he is writing to in these letters and why.

Join Steve Lund for this six-week study, Sept 13-Oct 18. The class will meet online via Zoom. Please register to attend.


Comebacks! Galatians & Ephesians
Class meets Sept 13-dec 13

Comebacks.  Paul was the master. Using radically new ideas about grace, liberty and unity, Paul led the Galatians back first, then the Ephesians. Want to learn how? Study Galatians and Ephesians with us this fall.

Click here to see the Class Syllabus.

The teaching team includes David & Greta Cowart, Kathy Bean, Don Berg, Wesley Johnson, Jon Lee and David & Becky Pederson.  This class will begin the semester meeting online via Zoom. Class meets Sept 13 — Dec.13. Please register to attend.

For more information, please contact Kerri Macy at  .


Young Adult Study: Miracles

Young Adults meet every Sunday morning for study, prayer and faith conversation. Join us in discovering the universal significance of the miracles of Jesus: challenging social barriers, confronting taboos, and Jesus’ declaration of God’s love and compassion for everyone. 

Class led by Veronika Czutor, KOG’s new Young Adult Ministry Coordinator.  The class will meet online via Zoom or at an offsite location. Please register to attend. 

For more information, contact Veronika Czutor at