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    Outcry in the Bario

    01.01.18 | MOM Donation

    All “Faithful Ones” offering received during the month of January will support Outcry in the Barrio. Outcry in the Barrio Dallas is a residential inpatient home for alcoholics, drug addicts and the homeless in which the residents have a full...

      Monthly Financial Reports

      12.15.17 | by Michael Weir

      November 2017 Offerings fell in November with only $135,648 being received ($22,000 short of budget).  At the end of November, we have received offerings of $1,614,000 ($75,000 short of budget) and $15,000 of other income.  We have...

        GUSTO! News

        12.01.17 | GUSTO! Events | by Kay Champagne

        2017-2018 Gusto! Brochure Monday, January 22, 2018, 10 a.m. Movie Screening of “Philomena”  “Philomena” is a moving and thought-provoking movie about the practice of the Catholic Church in Ireland in the mid-1900s...

          In The Heat of the Summer

          06.01.17 | Joyful Spirit

          The summer can be a difficult time for the working poor and senior citizens living on a fixed income. June Faithful Ones will be divided equally between North Dallas Shared Ministries and The Network of Community Ministries to provide assistance...