Celebrating 65 Years! 
1958 - 2023

Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is he, this King of glory? The LORD Almighty - he is the King of glory. Psalm 24:9-10

This September 24th, King of Glory will officially celebrate 65 years as a congregation. What a journey it has been from being a small mission church, meeting in an elementary school with 33 members, to a large presence on LBJ Freeway striving to serve the surrounding community as well as those throughout Dallas and the world. 

This anniversary year, we want to give thanks for those who came before us, celebrate how God is working among us today at King of Glory, and look towards the future as we embrace His plans for living with Bold Grace: Grounded in the Love of Christ, Growing in Faith, Generous in Service and Giving.

The 65th theme of “This is Our Story” is based on the hymn Blessed Assurance.

"... this is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long."  

Throughout 2023, we will be telling the story of KOG’s 65 years of sharing the story and Gospel of Christ and want to hear YOUR story as a member of King of Glory as well.

Our 65th logo was designed by Mark Sullivan, KOG member and graphic designer, who graciously donated his time and talent towards the project. Thank you, Mark! Thank you also to KOG member and graphic designer, Kari Daelke, for her expertise and help in getting 65th signage formatted and printed. The logo emphasizes 65 years and features the Dallas skyline in the design. As a young church, King of Glory chose to serve not only the neighborhood around us, but also our neighbors south of us in Dallas.  This commitment to serve all of Dallas remains strong today.





Mark your calendars!

Dobie Pre-K Valentine Goody Bags
Sunday - Feb. 5
This is Our Story Book Drive 
Sundays - Feb. 5, 12, 19, & 26
This is MY Story - Member Videos
Sundays - March 12, 19, & 26
Rise Against Hunger Event 
Sunday, April 23
Party in the Parking Lot 
Saturday, May 6
Swim Night at Frog Pond 
Saturday, August 5
Evening Celebration of 65 Years 
Saturday, Sept. 23
Worship Commemorating 65 Years 
Sunday, Sept. 24






Dobie Pre-K Valentine Goody Bags
February 5

We have the privilege of providing Valentine Goody Bags for the 450 students of Dobie Pre-K once again! KOG supports Dobie Pre-K through projects such as the Backpack Challenge and Angel Tree Gift Card Drive. This is one more way to intentionally be Generous in Service and Giving as we show love to preschoolers in our area with financial challenges and/or developmental disabilities.

Please join us after church on Sunday, Feb. 5th, to sign cards and assemble the bags. Cookies will be provided to sustain the volunteers! Members can purchase items for the bags via the Amazon Wish List and bring Valentines to the party or drop them off (signed or unsigned) at the church by the 5th

For more information, contact Janet Follstaedt.


This is Our Story Book Drive
February 5, 12, 19, 26

What was your favorite story or book as a child?  What stories do you love reading to your children or grandchildren?

During the month of February, we will be collecting new and gently used secular children’s books for Dobie Pre-K and Park South YMCA to donate in honor of our celebrating 65 years of striving to be Generous in Service and Giving.

Our goal is to collect 500 books for 3 & 4 year-olds, one for each Dobie Pre-K student to take home, and 500+ books for Park South YMCA (ages pre-school through 8th grade) to start a permanent library.

Dobie Pre-K is a Richardson ISD school serving preschoolers with financial challenges and/or developmental disabilities.  Park South YMCA serves children from 2 years old to high school seniors, in various programs including a full day pre-school, after school and summer programs for elementary and junior high students, and the Y’s Youth in Government program for high schoolers. Plus, team sports activities are provided for children ages 5 to 12 and beyond.


Thank you for the display of Bold Generosity! We not only met but exceeded our goals and have 500 new books for each Dobie Pre-K student to take home, over 1,200 new and like new books for Park South Y to use as they establish a library for children and teenagers, and 70 bonus books for teachers at Dobie Pre-K to have for their classrooms. Thank you for purchasing books, donating funds, and cleaning out closets and shelves to share your favorite books and stories. We have an amazingly generous congregation!



This is MY Story - Member Video Clips/Recordings       
Sundays - March 12, 19, & 26
Before and After Worship

As we reflect on 65 years of being Grounded in the Love of Christ, we will be taking short, 2-3 minute video recordings of KOG members from throughout the congregation as they share their story of their years at King of Glory.

Excerpts from these recordings will be combined and put into a special, 65th Anniversary video to be shared with the congregationPlease take a look at the following list of prompts and begin thinking of how you would like to share your story:

What I love about KOG
What brought me/our family to KOG
My hopes for KOG
My favorite story about being at KOG
How I/we are grounded in love at KOG
How I/we are growing in faith at KOG
How I/we are generous in service and giving at KOG
Where I/we sit in church every Sunday at KOG
Something I was surprised to learn about KOG

You can sign up for a time slot in advance here, or, walk ups are welcome on Sunday mornings (you can find us in the Atrium or the Parlor).  

For more information, contact Dawn Rosenquist.


65th Celebration - Rise Against Hunger Event
Sunday, April 23

In the spirit of Bold Generosity, Church in Society is partnering with the 65th Committee to coordinate a service project reaching those in need around the world. On Sunday evening, April 23rd, we are hosting a meal packaging event in connection with Rise Against Hunger to provide nutritional food for hunger pockets around the world. Groups of 4-5 people (wearing hairnets and gloves for sanitary purposes) will work together assembling bags containing rice, soy, and 20 vitamins and minerals. The assembly process includes filling the bags, replenishing supplies to the groups, weighing and sealing the bags, and packaging them for transport. Each bag provides meals for 5-6 persons.

This Rise event provides a fun, multi-generational, and educational opportunity for our congregation to literally lend a hand to people facing hunger across the globe. The assembly line process is combined with an educational experience that not only makes an impact worldwide, but also touches our lives and expands our understanding. After the bags are assembled and packaged, volunteers have the opportunity to share their experience over a community dinner. Funds for the Rise meal bags have been provided by the King of Glory Lutheran Church Foundation.

For more information, contact Ashley Hanks.


Party in the Parking Lot
Saturday evening, May 6

Mark your calendars for an evening of live music, great food, and family fun in the west parking lot!   

This anniversary event will be a wonderful opportunity to show how we have been Grounded in the Love of Christ for 65 years at King of Glory.

We will come together, reconnect, and celebrate this anniversary milestone before everyone heads off for the summer.  The evening will feature live music from The Dave Tanner Band, food, dancing, and child-friendly activities.  Please invite your friends! 

We will also invite our neighbors around KOG to join in on the fun. Come ready to meet new people, reconnect with your KOG family, and share BOLD GRACE !

Click here for more information about The Dave Tanner Band.
Thank you to the King of Glory Foundation for the generous grant to fund a large portion of this event.


Swim Night at the Frog Pond
Saturday, August 5
6:30 - 8:30 pm 

Join us at The Frog Pond Water Park in Farmers Branch for an evening of fun with your King of Glory family!  We have reserved the entire facility for this special event.   

The Frog Pond features:
Activity Pool
   • 9" deep, perfect for young ones

   • Over 30 water features
   • 4 water slides - must be 36" to ride
   • 350 gallon dump bucket
Lazy River
   • 500' long

   • Inner tubes provided
   • Ramps for easy access
Lagoon Pool
   • Depth from 3'8" to 4'5"

   • 6" deep tanning ledge
   • Lounge chairs
Water Slides
   • 30' Slide Tower
   • Two body slides, one enclosed, one open
   • Trough run outs for thrill seekers of any swimming ability

   • Must be at least 40" to ride

This is a great chance to beat the August heat and celebrate before heading back to school. 

There are numerous covered picnic tables, so bring a picnic dinner if you desire.  Please invite your family and friends.  This is a perfect opportunity to bring your grandkids!  Everyone is welcome!  We are Grounded in the Love of Christ at KOG.

Click here for more information about the Frog Pond.
Thank you to the King of Glory Foundation for the generous grant money to pay for the use of the aquatic facility.


Evening Celebration of 65 Years
Saturday, September 23

Please make plans to attend this special evening as we come together and celebrate our official 65th anniversary with live music, food, and fellowship!  The event will be held in the Activity Center and include dinner and a program with a trip down memory lane complete with photos and videos from the past 65 years. 

The Anniversary Committee has been hard at work collecting and archiving photos from members that depict how we have been Grounded. Growing. Generous. at King of Glory for 65 years.  We will also share This is MY Story video clips from KOG members in a special anniversary video. 

This 65th event is a great opportunity to invite former members and family to join in the celebration. More details to come as plans are in the works!  But mark your calendars… you don’t want to miss it!

For more information or if you would like to be a part of the Celebration Committee, contact Ashley Hanks.
Thank you to the King of Glory Foundation for the generous grant to fund a large portion of this event.


Worship Commemorating 65 Years
Sunday, September 24
10:15 am

The anniversary festivities will culminate with a celebratory worship service on September 24.  We will be joined by Bishop Erik Gronberg and have special music in honor of the occasion.

Through festive worship, we will give thanks for God's provision over the past 65 years, honor the faithful servants who made King of Glory possible, and be challenged to continue to Grow in Faith.

Thank you to the King of Glory Foundation for the generous grant to provide special brass instrumentation for this celebratory worship service.

History King of Glory

A comprehensive written history of KOG has been compiled and written by member, Jim Haynes, in honor of the 65th anniversary. A special thank you to Jim for all his work on this monumental project.  Also, thank you to long-time members Ron and Becky Brakke, Jon and Stefani Lee, Ron and Dolores Leake, Vernell Shuey, and Betty Johnson for their willingness to be interviewed and share memories of their years at King of Glory.  Jim was able to build on the written history that KOG member Col. Gilbert Ackerman wrote in 1981. 

The history is in the editing phase and will be available later this year in electronic form for you to print on your own and as a small book for purchase.  Stay tuned!

65th Anniversary Committee:     

Dawn Rosenquist, Chair - Roger Anders - Kenny Dickson - Tad Doering - Jim Haynes
Sonya Hohlt - Shauna Reckmeyer - Jon Schulz - Phil Thomas - Lorna Weir

Contact us at   for more information about 65th events or if you would like to volunteer.