In Ministry Together


Our Mission is to help the ministries of King of Glory include, support, and accommodate so all may serve, worship, and share God’s love in our community.

Our focus is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to fellowship and worship in a safe environment. We provide ways for members and guests to communicate needs and reduce barriers that prevent active participation in the church’s life, all while encouraging our faith community to grow in knowledge and inclusion of all God’s children.

Sanctuary Sensory Room

The "Sensory Room” is an extension of our sanctuary where individuals can go during worship and still see and hear the service. This is a safe place to retreat to when participating in group worship, with all the noise and movement, becomes overwhelming. The Sensory Room allows those with differences, such as ADHD or autism, who cannot remain seated for long periods of time quietly, to participate in worship without disturbing those around them. The room has two doors for entering and exiting, one into the sanctuary for communion and one into the narthex. We offer comfortable seating for families and a large picture window so families can remain a part of the King of Glory community.

Buddy Ministry

The Buddy Ministry is a program within Children’s Ministry for those with learning differences. With the help of a buddy, these children can fully participate in a typical Sunday school class.

 What are the qualities of a Buddy? 

  • Ready to learn the unique needs of students in order to integrate them into the classroom.
  • Willing to accommodate the needs of each student.
  • Displays integrity and sensitivity to private information.
  • Ready to see God at work.
  • Sees beyond the disability.

What will a Buddy do?

  • Help the student with crafts and activities that might be beyond their motor skills
  • Explain concepts and lessons in different ways.
  • Be a friend to the student - someone they look forward to seeing each week.

Worship and Classroom Resources


A fidget is a small object that can be squeezed, pulled, or moved around as the child sits and listens to the teacher or participates in worship.

Children naturally move their bodies, which is why sitting still can be a challenge.  It becomes an even bigger challenge for children who struggle with ADD, ADHD, or who are on the autism spectrum. Using a fidget can be a great way to allow the child to move and stay focused. 

Visual Schedules

Visual schedules in the classroom lessen stress in children by showing them exactly what activities are planned for class time and the order in which they will be doing these activities (e.g., understanding that "a special snack" is coming, but after "art time").

Sensory Cushion

A seat cushion that improves children’s posture and focus at the same time. It has a bumpy side and a smooth, so a child can choose the type of tactile input they need. The cushion provides active seating along with tactile input, encouraging children to wiggle while still improving focus. It also helps them to stay in place. They’re great for children with ADHD and sensory processing issues.

Joyful Spirit Worship Service
Sundays, 5:00 pm

Joyful Spirit is a 30-minute worship service so all may serve, worship and share God’s love in a disability friendly environment. All are welcome who want to worship and all behaviors are acceptable. This service is perfect for people with autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, learning differences, or physical challenges. The service includes all the elements of worship: Sacrament, Word, music and message. Communion is optional.

There are many opportunities to serve: Greeters, Choir, Readers, Communion Assistant. If you would like to serve in one of these capacities, please email Rainey Smith at 


In Ministry Together Team

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