What to Expect

A Place to Worship

Each week we gather to worship where ALL are welcome. Whether in our homes or on-site, we joyfully give thanks and praise to God. Inspired by God’s Word and nourished through Holy Communion, we are sent out to boldly share the grace of God with the world.  Find a place to connect and grow in faith at one of our Faith Formation Classes at 9:00 am. Our 10:15 am worship service includes congregational hymns supported by organ and music by the Sanctuary Choir. Guest musicians from the congregation and community offer music on selected Sundays.

Our Joyful Spirit Worship service is on Sunday evenings from 5:00 to 5:30 pm. This is a 30 minute worship service so all may serve, worship and share God’s love in disability friendly environment. All are welcome who want to worship. All behaviors are acceptable. This service is perfect for people with autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, learning differences or physical challenges. Worship will include all the elements of worship: Sacrament, Word, music and message. Communion is optional.

A Place to Hear God's Word

Sermons are aimed to inspire, encourage, and empower us to live our lives grounded in the love of Christ in a complex and challenging world. We learn how to integrate our faith into our work place, our relationships, and families. And, speaking of family, at King of Glory we are dedicated to defining that term inclusively, not conventionally. We embrace blended, single parent, same gender parents, and racially diverse families.

A Place to Grow

Examine our website and you will find many opportunities to act out your faith. If you wish to share your resources and put them into action in God’s world, King of Glory will make sure that happens! If you wish to study the Scriptures, be in a small group, or, simply find a safe and quiet place to worship, King of Glory will provide you with that opportunity.