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Writing a New Story

01.01.17 | by Gary Johnson

    What does Writing a New Story mean?

    King of Glory is a community with a long and strong history and using that history to look the future and Write a New Story. Knowing that God is guiding us, we are taking experiences from the past to forge a strong and faithful community for all.

    It’s a Story of Our Children and of Young Disciples.

    The new story redefines the word “our” as any child who finds a way to King of Glory. We will dedicate ourselves to providing a safe, welcoming environment for infants and children in any circumstance echoing Jesus’ desire to have the children come unto  him.

    We will eagerly invite children of friends, co-workers, neighbors, our grandchildren,  children of non-traditional families, children in institutions and on the streets. KOG will find a way and the resources to bring them  safely to Jesus.  Our children means all children.

    We are developing the best possible ministry for Jr. and Sr. High youth providing them with a safe and comfortable place to enhance their faith formation and life journey.  Along with pastors, tutors and mentors we partner with them, asking what they need, inviting their provocative questions and encouraging them to bring their friends to a place of guidance without judgement.

    It’s about Caring for Others.

    We are expanding how KOG cares for our sick and recovering, the elderly, the isolated and lonely and walk with those in end stages preparing for eternal rest. We provide breaks for long term care givers, meals, drivers, and attentive compassionate listeners.

    Crying out for justice we look for Jesus in the prisons, among the hungry, indigent, and victimized, honoring God’s call to us to be God’s scratchy, prophetic voice in the world.

    By continuing to invest our resources in programs like H.E.R.O.E.S, MOSAIC and In The City for Good, we continue to take our compassion outside our walls, digging deep into the city and the world, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

    It’s Exploring New Frontiers Within and Outside Our Walls.

    In 2018, there will be a new neighborhood to the west. To our north is a neighborhood that no longer feels familiar. We need to actively invite our neighbors, new and old, to KOG.

    We will strive to be present in the lives of those in their 20s and 30s seeking guidance in their lives as graduates, professionals, spouses, parents and those returning to civilian life from the military.

    We believe the answers to life’s challenges, the sources of life’s joys, the comfort for life’s ills all lie in the loving arms of God. This is the God, whose son brought the light that cannot be extinguished by darkness, a love that knows no bounds. No matter who comes here, no matter their circumstances, no matter their past, everyone has a place at King of Glory.