Children are always welcome in worship. If parents prefer the nursery, it is open during all worship serves and Sunday School classes for infants through Kindergarten. The nursery is also available during most special congregational events.

Location: The nursery is located in Room 142.

First Visit: The first time you visit, please let the nursery staff know so they can assist you with checking in your child.

Food Allergies: It is important that we know if your child has food allergies or special needs. Please let the Nursery Supervisor know because we offer children a snack during their visit. Due to Covid, we are not offering snacks at this time. 

Potty Training: If your child is potty training, please bring an extra set of clothes

Sippy Cups: Labeled sippy cups are helpful, if your child cannot drink from a Dixie cup.

Playground: We do play outside if the weather is nice except when children are wearing special occasion clothing.

Illness: Children should not be registered if they have exhibited any of the following within 24 hours prior to beginning of childcare session:

  • Fever higher than 101°
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Croup Cough
  • Skin Infection (such as unexplained rashes)
  • Pink Eye