Jr. High Grades: 6-8

 Sunday School Registration

 To lay the foundation and prepare our youth to live a Christ like life through God’s Word, relationship building and serving the community.

Our goal of our Jr. High program is to educate and encourage the youth by providing the parent’s and youth opportunities to study God’s Word, experience God’s love and serve others.

Confirmation Program

Confirmation Registration

Wednesday Evenings, 7:15–8:30 pm 
The foundation of our Jr. High program is Confirmation. We believe Confirmation should be an experience, one that is worth your time and the time of your child.  It should be something that your child looks forward to, engages them and gives them something to continue building their faith. It should also have an element of fun and enjoyment.

Our three year program is designed to study God’s Word and the basic doctrine of our church, along with opportunities for service and to experience God in ways that will help our youth on their faith journey.

Jr High Music
Wednesday Evenings 6:00–6:45 pm
We offer a musical component prior to the weekly confirmation class on Sundays evenings from 6:00–6:45 pm.  These students would share their gifts in worship and on future student mission trips. 

The Jr. High meets once each month for a time of fellowship and fun, to build growing relationships amongst the youth.  The activities of each gathering can range from a pool party to a movie day.  Each gathering is unique and the location of each one can be different as well. 

Faith Statement Banquet 
As part of confirmation, each year we have a Faith Statement Banquet for those youth that have completed Confirmation.  At this banquet we come together to recognize and celebrate the time and work the youth has put into completing this stage of their faith walk.